Logs. Loooogs. Looooooooogs. Loooooooooooooooooooooooogs. Observability. Events. Traces. Metrics. Monitors. Dashboards. Apps.

Client Axiom
Project Redesign
Years 2022—Present
Location Remote
Role Head of Design
Agency Internal
Category Startup
Format Brand, Product
Fonts Berkeley Mono, Inter


A selection of recent work showing the in progress redesign of Axiom.

Axiom: Year In Review (2023—2024)
⌙ axiom-yir.mp4

Axiom Logo

Axiom’s logo. Designed by Jord Riekwel.

Axiom Hot Sauce

Hot sauce bottle. “We can handle all your logs. Can you handle our hot sauce?”

Axiom Hot Sauce

Hot sauce label. Hopefully going on a real bottle soon...

Business Card

Axiom’s business cards use APL (a piped based query language) to display a team members details, thanks to Neil’s clever idea.


Mockup of an unused keyring for conference swag.

BYOB Illustration

Illustration using Berkeley Mono’s box glyphs to highlight the connection between one of the many services that integrates with Axiom.

Pricing Chart

Axiom’s ... pricing ... plans ... chart ... showing ... monthly ... ingest ... costs.

Event Flow Diagram

Diagram for a new feature that lets customers choose different destinations for their data.

BYOB Diagram

Diagram for BYOB, an enterprise feature for organisations that need to store their own data.

Social Banners

Branded social banners for sales and support staff.

Onboarding Illustrations

Illustrations used in onboarding to help explain key features (live streaming logs, adding alerts/monitoring, creating dashboards charts, and querying data).

Blueprint Illustration

Blueprint illustration for career pages and job ads.

CloudWatch Ad

Ad using glyphs to illustrate the message that Axiom can save you $$$.

Vercel Ad

Ad using glyphs to illustrate the message that Axiom connects with ▲ Vercel.


Poster based on the new design direction for Axiom.

Onboarding Email

Onboarding email to help remind people to set up monitoring and alerts.

Onboarding Email

Onboarding email to provide people with documentation to learn APL.

Cookie Banners

GDPR. God damn protection regulations.

Bento Boxes

Alternative bento box components for enterprise and pricing information.

Axiom Customers

Axiom + Hapn. Opengraph image for customer case study.

Homepage Illustration

Homepage illustration for live stream, APL, dashboards, and alerts.

Homepage Concept

Homepage concept. Logs.


I can now tick designing a skateboard off the bucket list. For a couple of conferences in 2023 we made limited edition boards!

Skateboard Editions

Two different skateboard designs (SK8-01 & SK8-02) in black and white.

Berkeley Mono
  • Berkeley Mono is the primary brand typeface for Axiom. Made by Berkeley Graphics.

  • Details:
  • ⌙ Berkeley Mono performs excellently in a terminal, headline, or with optional ligatures for specific coding languages, to read and write code.
  • ⌙ Described as combining “the objectivity of machine-readable typefaces of the 70’s while simultaneously retaining the humanist sans-serif qualities”.
  • ⌙ There’s an extensive set of gylphs that can be used to create box diagrams and borders.
  • ⌙ Compared to other mono typefaces, there’s several “distinct but not distracting glyphs”.
  • ⌙ Bonus points for being my font of choice in VS Code.
Party Invite

AWS re:Invent unofficial party invite that was handed out in the exhibitor hall. The invite uses box glyphs to create a diagram of the party details.


Stickers. Laptop not included. Live. Laugh. Log.

Conference Flyer

Conference brochure with obligatory QR code.

Slide Illustrations

Illustrations for sales collateral showing the range of event data in Axiom and the supporting architecture/platform structure.

Ads Montage

Montage of various ad campaigns for LinkedIn, Twitter, Daring Fireball, and Carbon Ads.

Glyph Patterns

Patterns using various glyphs for background graphics, blog images, and ad campaigns.

Conference Booth

Booth design for AWS re:Invent and KubeCon.

Onboarding UI

Onboarding steps to help people set up their account.

Homepage Header

Homepage header and announcement banner.

Homepage Footer

Footer and getting started panel.

Blog Concept

Blog redesign concept.


Axiom is logging, re-invented. The first cloud-native data store designed specifically for timestamped events, providing live-streaming, search, reporting, and monitoring capabilities.

Built from the ground up, Axiom delivers performance and scalability at a significantly lower cost, helping companies make sense of their event data, without having to sample logs.

Axiom has raised funds from top-tier investors including Crane Venture Partners, LocalGlobe, Fly VC, and Mango Capital, as well as leading angels like former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, former Heroku co-founder Adam Wiggins, and Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch.

The team is fully remote and distrubuted across 11 timezones, with engineering, design, ops, and sales staff working asynchronously around the world.


  • Neil Jagdish Patel, Jake Schroeder, Andrew Cobley, Dominic Chapman, Dan Newman (Design)
  • Neil Jagdish Patel, Dominic Chapman, Kendall Miller, Christina Noren, Paul Boutin (Content)
  • Becca O’Shea, Joyce O’Reilly, Jord Riekwel, James McDonald (Collaborators)