Experiments. Process. WIP. Side Projects. Screenshots. Websites. Posters. Logos. Tests. Mockups. LGTM. Ideas. Coming Soon. RIP.

Clients N/A
Projects Various
Years 1982—Present
Locations Wellington
Roles Designer
Agencies Personal
Category Various
Formats Digital, Brand, Print
Fonts Various



Résumé (2022)
A screenshot of my latest résumé with the grid displayed.

Knolling (Logo)

Knolling (2021—Present)
WIP. Logo for our family office / limited company. Typeset in Pitch Sans from Klim Type Foundry.

Unlimited Editions (Logo)

Unlimited Editions (2020—Present)
WIP. Logo for an online shop. Typeset in Feijoa from Klim Type Foundry.

The National Discography (Poster)

The National Discography (2020)
Poster for an obsessed fan of The National.

Alternative New Zealand Flag Design

Flag Redesign (2015—2016)
An alternative design for the New Zealand flag.

Flag Design (Logo)

flagdesign.nz (2015—2016)
RIP. Logo for a blog about the New Zealand flag redesign process and referendum.

Days Of The Week (Tote Bag)

Days Of The Week (c2020)
WIP. Tote bag for everyday of the week.


Résumé (2022)
A screenshot of the text from my latest résumé.


dan.newman.is (2022)
RIP. A screenshot of an abandoned homepage design.

Unlimited Editions (Posters)

Unlimited Editions (2020—Present)
WIP. A selection of posters designed for an online shop.

International VexilLOLogy Society (Logo)

International VexilLOLogy Society (2015—2016)
RIP. Spurious society for flag design nerds aka those displeased with the quality of the selected designs for the New Zealand flag referendum.

Alternative New Zealand Flag Designs

Flag Redesigns (2015—2016)
Alternative designs for the New Zealand flag.

Black & White Photos

Recollection (2015)
Reposting 100 black and white photos from various travels and places of interest. Shot on a Panasonic Lumix GF1 or an iPhone 4S.

Grandad (Photo Montage)

Grandad (c1999)
RIP. Photo montage of my Grandad shot on a Seagull DF-300A with black and white film.