Woodfired Pizzas. Fried Chicken Burgers. “Kiwi Hot” Curries. Drinks. Scooters. Deliveries. User Research. Logos. Branding. Mobile. Apps.

Client Delivereasy
Project Redesign
Year 2020
Location Wellington
Role Creative Director
Agency Springload
Category Ecommerce
Formats Digital, Brand
Fonts Geograph


Delivereasy Posters

Delivereasy street posters.

Delivereasy App

Start screen with delivery addresss finder (mobile) and search (tablet) with daily deals and new eateries.

Delivereasy Logos

New Delivereasy logo (stacked) in various brand colours with supporting iconography.

Delivereasy Logo


Delivereasy Logo Colours


Delivereasy Scooters


Delivereasy Homepage


Delivereasy App Icon

App Icon

Delivereasy Mobile App

Mobile App

Best Ugly Bagels Listing

Best Ugly Bagels (Listing Page)

Delivereasy Mobile App



Logo Animation

Alternative logo with animated scooter.

Component Explorations

Alternative delivery, pickup, and location components.

Order Acknowledgement

Zak testing out the order acknowledgement by picking up chicken. Some spicy. Some mild.

Scooter Icons

Comparing alternative scooter icons.

Logotype Comparisons

Comparing the old logotype (bottom) with the new version set in Geograph.

Delivereasy Styleguide

Delivereasy styleguide.

Order Flow

Simplified mobile ordering flow.

Alternative Cards

Explorations of different card designs.

Competitor Research

Competitor research and analyis of mobile designs.


Delivereasy is a New Zealand-owned online food ordering and delivery service. With more people supporting local small businesses, and with the demand for contactless delivery services skyrocketing due to the pandemic, Delivereasy was experiencing incredible growth. They wanted to seize the moment, reach new customers, and keep people connected to their favourite eateries.

After reviewing their existing brand and user experience, the team proposed a redesign to help Delivereasy stand out from competitors entering the New Zealand market. The redesign included a new logo, design system, and user interface for their customer app, website, and back-end tablet app that the restaurants use to manage their food orders.

Out on the street, Deliveryeasy’s delivery people are recognisable on their scooters, in their orange and black jackets. But their digital brand colours were teal and white. With a full redesign underway, it was a great opportunity for them to match their physical brand with their digital one. So the colours of their digital brand changed to bright orange, white, and black to align with their real-world look. This also improved their online accessibility and simplified their brand assets.

“I wondered who did this, I love it, great work Springload!”
Ben Pujji (Twitter User)

Delivereasy had been using three different fonts across their brand. With the redesign, the previous fonts were replaced with Geograph, a geometric sans serif from the Klim Type Foundry. Having the same font across the logo, brand, app, and website made for a consistent visual experience.

The redesign needed to be delivered on a tight schedule to respond to the overwhelming demand around Covid-19 lockdowns. To keep the project focused, a limited number of templates were designed to support everything users needed to do (browsing restaurants, selecting food, and ordering). To suppport the templates, a flexible component library was rolled out across both the website and mobile app. This library established a design system the Delivereasy team can continue to use across every part of their product.

To make sure the redesign improved the experience for a large number of customers, the designs and user flows were tested with a diverse mix of people, using real smartphones. User testing validated the design choices and illustrated where changes could be made to improve the experience, like making sure the delivery time was front and centre, improving visibility of labels (e.g. vegan and vegetarian options), and leaving contactless delivery instructions.

“Our customers can find the food they want faster, easier, and with more confidence they’re getting the food they think they’re getting.”
Ben Anderson (Chief Technology Officer, Delivereasy)

The development of site and app was undertaken in-house by the Delivereasy team using Flutter, a toolkit for building websites and mobile apps from the same codebase. The design kept this in mind, creating a simple system, that works for both web and mobile, making every part of their product consistent.


  • Dan Newman, Zak Brown (Design)
  • Lucy McMaster (Research)

Awards / Recognition

  • DINZ Best Awards: Finalist, Large Scale Websites (2021)
  • Kātoitoi Aotearoa Design Archive: Digital, Social Good (2021)